Music Business Contacts: Music Business Registry connects artists, managers, publishers, producers

“The distinction among progress and disappointment is data,” notes Ritch Esra, and he should know. Alongside his accomplice, Stephen Trumbull, Esra is a main piece of the main most-dependable wellspring of data on’s “who” and “who does what” in the music business. The best part is that they can reveal to you where everyone is found.


The Music Business Registry ( distributes five indexes: the “A&R Registry,” the “Music Publisher Registry,” the “Music Business Attorney Registry” the “Movie and Television Music Guide,” and the “Record Producer and Recording Engineer Directory.” For some in the business, these are fundamental reference works.

“The indexes give everybody essential, precise and the most state-of-the-art data they need to contact the whole A&R, music distributing, legitimate and film/TV music networks,” Esra states. From contrasting notes and many experts in these specialized topics, I can disclose to you that nobody questions his case.

More than one music industry leader has disclosed to me that the Music Business Registry distributions merit their weight in platinum. Tess Taylor, leader of NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals), says “I was unable to traverse one day without the registries from the Music Business Registry. These distributions are the best in the business.”

Every registry discloses to you how to arrive at industry experts by customary mail, email, direct dial phone and fax. The books give every individual’s definite title, road address, the name of their colleague and the styles of music wherein every chief practices. Sites are additionally included.


The universe of the A&R leader is energizing yet always showing signs of change. Or, in other words, there’s a great deal of turnover in this piece of the business. Such a lot of turnover, indeed, that the A&R Registry is totally refreshed and reproduced like clockwork, though the distributer volume is half-yearly and different books come out yearly.


Made in organization with RPM Direct, the “Record Producer and Recording Engineer Directory” presents 1,700 of the present driving Record Producers, Recording Engineers and Remixers all through the US, Canada and Europe in each kind of music. Remembered for the book are:

(1) Complete contact data for each Producer, Remixer and Recording Engineer alongside a rundown of their credits.

(2) Producer/Engineer/Remixer Management Companies including a total

staff posting just as full customer programs.

(3) A Complete Index to effortlessly find any maker.

(4) Several Interviews and articles with the present driving Producers and Engineers.

No big surprise you can discover the Music Business Registry’s distributions in the workplaces of top record organization heads, music distributers, craftsman supervisors, specialists, music lawyers, recording craftsmen, studios and other music business experts wherever from Los Angeles to London, New York to Nashville, Chicago to Copenhagen, Toronto to Tokyo, Stockholm to Sydney and Minneapolis to Munich.